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SM-N985B Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Model: GH82-23511C OR GH82-23622C OR GH82-23621C Brand: NOTE SERIES
 N985/N986 (NOTE20 Ultra 4G/5G 2020) WHITE (WITH CAMERA) LCDPart Number : GH82-23511C OR GH82-23622C OR GH82-23621CParts              : LCD Touch ScreenBrand             : SamsungConsists of  &nb..
Model: GH82-23511A OR GH82-23622A OR GH82-23621A Brand: NOTE SERIES
N985/N986 (Note 20 Ultra 4G/5G 2020) BLACK (WITH CAMERA) LCD  Part Number : GH82-23511A OR GH82-23622A OR GH82-23621AParts              : LCD Touch ScreenBrand             : SamsungConsists of&nb..
Model: GH82-23511D OR GH82-23622D OR GH82-23621D Brand: NOTE SERIES
 N985/N986 (NOTE20 Ultra 4G/5G 2020) BRONZE (WITH CAMERA) LCD Part Number : GH82-23511D OR GH82-23622D OR GH82-23621DParts              : LCD Touch ScreenBrand             : SamsungConsists of&nb..
Model: GH82-23281A
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (SM-N981) Battery Cover Mystic Black Part Number : GH82-23281AParts              : Battery Back CoverBrand             : SamsungConsists of    : SVC COVER AS..
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